Ravina Patel

Ravina Patel

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About Me

“As an experienced Optometrist, I've cultivated invaluable expertise in the realms of communication and relationship management. Infused with the richness of my Fijian-Indian heritage, I've nurtured an intricate understanding and genuine appreciation for diverse communities. At the heart of my skill set lies exceptional prowess in communication, enabling profound connections with patients, their families, and fellow team members. This proficiency fosters an environment of seamless collaboration, heartfelt empathy, and profound understanding.”


  • General Management
  • Sales
  • Science
Industry/Sector Experience
  • Health/Medical/Pharma
  • Retail/Wholesale

Interest Areas

I am open to these organisations
  • National Sporting Organisations
  • Regional Sports Trusts
  • Other District/Zone/Regional level Organisations


I can be a voice for
  • Women
  • Other ethnicities
  • Younger members of the community

Special interest groups

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