Is appoint not for profit?

No, it is a socially motivated for profit enterprise.  Our vision is to make Aotearoa a better place to work and live through stronger governance. We aim to make a profit so we can reinvest it in to Appoint and make the entity sustainable.

What if I would like to make a complaint?

In the first instance, please email hello@appointbetterboards.co.nz.  We will respond to you within three working days.  To escalate your complaint you may then email Simon Telfer at simon@appointbetterboards.co.nz.  He will also respond to you within three working days.

Video Screening Questions

What is the cost of answering video screening questions?

Appoint Professional members receive two free video credits and Premium members receive one. Otherwise we charge $30 per video application to cover the (high) service costs from our video partner.

How does the video recording process work?

We use Alcami - they are experts in this area.  When you are ready to answer the two screening questions you'll click through to Alcami.  Here you can answer a practice question as many times as you like to set up audio and video settings. You then get one take for each of the video questions - much like you do in an interview situation.  The completed videos are automatically uploaded to your application.
Find a board position

How much does it cost to register on appoint?

Basic membership is free, allowing you to view and apply for vacancies.

What is Appoint Professional?

This is our premium membership, allowing individuals to create and promote a governance profile, including video, on the website. Anybody is able to view these profiles and approach Appoint Professionals directly about joining their board.

How will I know there are new board member opportunities?

We send out an email every fortnight.  Alternatively live positions are posted on the Directors & Board Positions group on Linked In and Appoint Boards on Twitter immediately. Or visit appointbetterboards.co.nz on a regular basis.

What do you do with my personal information?

We treat it with the utmost respect. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Why do you ask for information on my gender, ethnicity and age?

In the first instance it is to ensure we are attracting a diverse range of members to the Appoint community. Secondly, if you give express permission, it allows organisations to identify specific individuals who could bring better balance to their boards.

Advertise a position

How much does it cost to advertise a board member position?

The standard price is $275 + GST (Not for Profits) and $525 + GST (other organisations). There are premium advertisements up to $645 +GST. If you'd like us to upload your advertisement and invoice you direct, it is an additional $50 + GST

How can I pay?

We prefer you to pay by credit card - MasterCard and Visa only please. We can invoice you for an additional administrative fee of $45 + GST.

What if I have a discount code?

Please enter this at the payment stage and the price will be automatically adjusted.            

How long is my board member advertisement live for?

Up to one month.

How do I manage applications?

Applications to your positions are accessible via Appoint’s candidate management system.  Access this in the top right hand corner of the screen under your name.  Here you can also make comments on applicants, invite colleagues to review and comment, send ‘thanks but no thanks” emails to applicants and forward other preferred applicants directly to your own inbox for further communication.

What is your refund policy?

Once you have paid, your posting is live.  We do not make any refunds after a position has gone live.