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Erin Jackson
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Erin Jackson

3 Years
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“I'm Managing Director of Narrative Campaigns, a company specialising in community-building (both online and off).I'm also Executive Director for the Committee for Canterbury & hold several other governance positions.”


Governance Roles


Arts Centre Trust Board

May 2013 - Present (4 years)

THIMUN Director

UN Youth Aotearoa

April 2013 - Present (4 years)

The Hague International Model United Nations is the world's largest model UN conference, attracting nearly 4,000 high school students from across the globe. Every year, New Zealand sends a delegation of twenty-two incredible young people to the Conference; supported by a Director and three Assistant Directors. The role involves managing travel, logistics and all welfare requirements for the group across a three and a half week period, across America and Europe, and reporting back to UN Youth Aotearoa. To see more about the trip, have a look at

Deputy Chair

Student Job Search

November 2012 - November 2013 (1 years)



January 2012 - December 2013 (1 years)


University Bookshop Canterbury Limited

January 2012 - December 2013 (1 years)

Executive Roles


The Connection Collective

January 2015 - Present (3 years)

Connection Collective is simply an opportunity. It is a chance for young people in Canterbury to come and talk with interesting people who have faced their own hurdles, and come out on top. Sometimes they’ll be “successful” people in the conventional sense; and, sometimes, you might ask “sorry, who is s/he?". But every single guest who participates in the Connection Collective has been asked to share because of his or her determination, drive and dynamism. So, there will be some great stories to be shared! Launching officially in March, we’ll be hosting events throughout 2015; watch this space!

Executive Director

Committee for Canterbury

January 2015 - Present (3 years)

Freelance Consultancy


October 2014 - Present (3 years)

I help organisations climb to the next rung in the (often noisy + chaotic) playground, in which we operate. I am working with a number of Canterbury organisations to help with anything from planning their editorial calendars through to expanding their membership. My biggest driver is purpose; and that’s where I start, regardless of size, scope and scale of the job. I’m also an enrolled Barrister + Solicitor, a member of the Institute of Directors, and an Appoint Better Boards Professional.


Volunteer Army Foundation

March 2012 - Present (6 years)


Canterbury Schools’ Debating Council

November 2008 - November 2010 (2 years)


University of Canterbury

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Arts (BA),

2007 - 2011