Appoint Assured - 10 Point Guarantee

The ABB_assured_xsmall.pngbadge is your guarantee of a quality experience applying for board roles. 

1. The appointment process is being facilitated by an independent professional

2. The organisation is committed to appointing new board members and no incumbents are restanding for positions (unless clearly and explicitly stated)

3. The organisation has been encouraged to bring diversity to their board

4. The organisation has been encouraged to remunerate board members at market rates

5. Your application will be auto-acknowledged upon receipt

6. A personalised email will be sent to you on or about the closing date stating the shortlist process and timeframes

7. If your application is unsuccessful you will be informed courteously and promptly

8. Your interview will be independently facilitated, conducted professionally and you will be provided background briefing material in advance

9. Unsuccessful interviewees will be advised quickly and given interview feedback, if requested

10. You will be supported during the due diligence and formal appointment part of the process

So please apply with confidence when you see ABB_assured_large.png