Welcome to appoint. Here's why we do what we do...

We want New Zealand to be an enviable place to live and work. To achieve this we need our commercial and social enterprises to be robust, vibrant and ambitious. Strong governance, through better boards, is key to making this happen.

appoint allows organisations looking for diverse and talented directors to easily connect with individuals wanting to share their governance experience. We also support organisations requiring advice on how to create and recruit better boards. Since mid 2012 we have promoted 2000 board roles and facilitated at least 900 successful appointments from our pool of 16,000+ members in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

We have strong principles around:

Diversity - we believe that diverse boards are better boards and we strive to ensure our pool of over 16,000 potential directors reflects the make up of our community.

Transparency - we believe it's in an organisation's best interest to promote its governance roles to a broad pool of potential directors.

Community - we are passionate about Aotearoa and helping our country succeed through stronger business and social enterprises.

appoint is privileged to have the support of Sport New Zealand as a Foundation Partner and BoardPro as a Partner.

Appoint Advisory Board

Simon Telfer

Founder of appoint

"Imagine a country with thriving business and not for profit organisations, contributing to a healthy economy and a rewarding place to live. By connecting directors and building better boards, appoint is determined to play its small part in bringing this about."

John Page

Consulting Partner, BoardWorks International

"A larger and more diverse talent pool will help improve the quality of governance and the success of all types of organisations in what is an increasingly challenging and complex world. In my former role at Sport New Zealand we encouraged all those running sport and recreation organisations to use this governance tool for recruitment."

Sina Wendt

CEO of Leadership NZ, Trustee of Pacific Music Awards Trust

"We need to build boards that are diverse, connected and passionate; who lead with integrity, purpose and creativity. Strong governance requires people that bring unique lenses and mindsets to building robust enterprises: appoint is a platform for a  broader pool of talented individuals to contribute to this vision. I encourage all women and Pasifika people to become involved."

Hinerangi Edwards

Board Member at Parininihi Ki Waitotara Inc, Funding Information Service, and Agri-Women's Development Trust, Chair of PKW Trust, Director of AATEA Solutions

"Our country needs to attract all the talent it can muster to lead organisations with courage and vision. All talent includes very capable Maori, rural and women directors. By working together we will experience improved decision making across not-for-profit and private companies, strengthening our communities and economy alike. Tena koutou."