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Stephen Davies Howard

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“I am an experienced chair, commissioner and chartered director committed to bringing strong leadership to the enterprise of either a government entity of private enterprise board. I have public sector, private business and entrepreneurial experience. Strength include - Leadership of large, diverse, complex risk in international organisations.”


Governance Roles

Chair Finance Committee

Queen Elizabeth Army Museum Trust

June 2017 - Present (3 years)

The Queen Elizabeth II Army Memorial Museum, which trades as the National Army Museum, is one of three Service Museums operating within the NZDF that are governed by independent Trust Boards for the purposes of collecting, protecting and presenting to the public artefacts and ephemera relating to New Zealand’s Defence heritage and history. The National Army Museum is a public museum that fulfils the role of New Zealand’s national land forces museum, as well as the Army’s museum, and is the prime repository of the nation’s land warfare heritage collection.

Deputy Chief Commissioner

Transport Accident Investigation Commission

July 2015 - Present (5 years)

Deputy Chief Commissioner and director of the Board of the Transport Accident Investigation Commission.


Institute of Directors

June 2015 - Present (5 years)

Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors


Davies Howard Group Ltd

November 2010 - Present (10 years)

The Davies Howard Group is a New Zealand owned consultancy offering strategic, investment, change management, governance and sponsorship advice for government departments, private organisations and the public sector throughout New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Stephen Davies Howard is one of five independent consultants in New Zealand to be accredited by the Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria as an Investment Management Standard ILM facilitator. He is an expert facilitator, encouraging constructive, effective dialogue at all levels of an organisation from operations staff through to the Board of Directors. He holds a TS(V) security clearance giving him the ability to work in and facilitate classified workshops. The Investment Management Standard has been adopted by the New Zealand State Service Commission. We also have specialist skills in the aviation industry and offer advise on regulatory issues, safety management systems and aviation training.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Altus Unmanned Aerial Solutions

October 2014 - June 2019 (4 years)

Altus Unmanned Aerial Solutions specialises in the manufacture of professional UAS systems for wide-ranging applications. Altus build and operate systems of high specification with features including built in redundancy, custom control interfaces and integrated emergency parachute. Altus offer platforms with class leading flight duration as well as all-weather capabilities. Our services include manufacture, sales, competitive system leases, aerial filming services, survey and photogrammetric processing. Altus is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.


Sycamore Limited

January 2011 - June 2016 (5 years)

Sycamore provides New Zealand with High Definition aerial photography and video through the use of advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems. Sycamore Ltd operates in three main sectors: Surveillance Media Marketing With integrated GPS technology and advanced stabilising control, Sycamore has the ability to reach places either unattainable by individuals or other technologies. We can track photos’ or videos in a metadata spreadsheet, then return to that exact position as many times as we want, months apart. The GPS integration sets a new precedent in surveillance, providing exact location information of every shot and every flight path. This unique aerial technology combined with the latest in photographic and video allows Sycamore to set a new standard in what is attainable visually and deliver our clients a cost effective and efficient form of aerial surveillance, entertainment or marketing imagery. Sycamore is a company that will educate New Zealand’s awareness of aerial imagery in opposition to conventional helicopter imagery, also marketing the potential of aerial photography and video.

CEO Training Group


January 2009 - November 2010 (1 years)

Commander Training Group, RNZAF As a Board member Stephen was responsible for the delivery of all ground trade, recruit, engineering and flight training to the RNZAF. He was accountable for a budget of $13M and an HR responsibility of 400 personnel; however, that number was as high as 600 when the training cycle peaked. He revamped RNZAF technical training, including bringing into service new technical aids and aircraft. This work included the design of a single tier of technician training to rationalise and streamline the previous two tier system providing a reduction of 70 personnell and an associated $4.8M saving. He remained in current flying practice on the B200 Kingair, CT4E Airtrainer, Harvard and Tiger Moth aircraft and he holds a NZCAA Commercial Pilots Licence and Instrument Rating.

Chairman NATO Air Defence Group

Whitehall, London

January 1993 - January 1996 (3 years)

Developed UK policy in NATO, WEU and UN operations with particular responsibility for the Balkans. Achievements: - Chairman of a 14 nation NATO Committee in Brussels with responsibility for reaching consensus on European Air Defence and cross border air activity.

Executive Roles

Better Business Case Expert Practitioner and Reviewer

UK Better Business Case Standards Board

December 2013 - Present (7 years)

Stephen has been endorsed by the Better Business Case (BBC) International Standards Board as one of four people to be recognised as both an Expert Practitioner and Reviewer for the New Zealand Treasury who are leading BBC in New Zealand. His endorsement is part of a Treasury pilot initiative aimed at improving the business case capability of Priority Public Sector Organisations. Stephen was nominated by Lincoln University and Te Papa Tongarewa. Nominated candidates presented on a given subject and were interviewed and assessed by the Board.

New Zealand in-country support services

Pilatus Aircraft Limited

October 2011 - Present (9 years)

The Davies Howard Group provides in country support services to Pilatus Aircraft Limited for any New Zealand aircraft acquisition programme. Pilatus are recognised as a leader in military training aircraft with unique expertise in the development, manufacture, delivery modification and support of advanced training aircraft and ground based training systems worldwide.

Accredited Investment Logic Mapping Facilitator

State Government of Victoria Department of Treasury & Finance

August 2011 - Present (9 years)

The ability to bring the most informed people on a particular topic together to create the investment story is a specialised skill. An accreditation process has been developed to test the capability of accredited facilitators. The accreditation process ensures that facilitators are capable of producing high quality Investment Logic Maps. The Investment Management Standard is a collection of simple, common-sense practices that enable an organisation to direct resources to deliver the best outcomes. The standard has been evolving since 2004 as a response to investment practices that were increasingly complex but failed to focus on the real need for an investment or the benefits that would be delivered. In the place of complex processes, the standard is centred on two simple concepts: - two-hour informed discussions that bring together those people with the most knowledge of a subject to create and agree to the 'investment story' and - the depiction of the agreed investment story (Investment Logic Map) on a single page using language and concepts that can be understood by the lay person.


Tregaskis Brown Limited

January 2011 - November 2015 (4 years)

Provision of strategic and investment logic advice, including: - Business case creation - Stakeholder management - Risk and issue management - Post Project Review

Director of Operational Capability,

Ministry of Defence

December 2003 - July 2005 (1 years)

Charged with the audit of defence capability, Stephen prepared and conducted Parliamentary Select Committee enquiries and the subsequent presentation of evidence to Parliamentary Select Defence Committees. He developed and subsequently led a small, high octane team of 8 specially selected personnel to conduct searching, in depth analysis of government departments, defence units and defence capabilities. These were as diverse as Defence Intelligence, language training, Royal Fleet Auxiliary shipping, nuclear submarines to ongoing military operations. Achievements: - Led major Parliamentary enquiry into the deaths of trainee soldiers at a British Army Training Camp and televised presentation of the findings to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee. - Conducted the ‘Lessons Learnt’ study into the 2003 Gulf War in Iraq - Conducted study into ‘Afloat Support’ – a major logistical study into the transport and identification of a worldwide supply system based around commercial shipping - Enhanced MOD links with the media through informal and sustained meetings with Defence journalists.

Air Attache

UK Ministry of Defence

May 2003 - September 2005 (2 years)

Stephen was an accredited diplomat responsible for liaison between the US State Department and the UK Ministry of Defence on Air & Space policy and UK/USA coalition air operations in the Middle East. Achievements: - Contributed to successful UK/USA coalition air operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. - Established strong relationships with key personnel in the Pentagon, and broader diplomatic community - Managed a team of 60 exchange personnel working throughout the USA in military and defence industrial posts.

Senior Operations Manager, Ministry of Defence

2002- 2004

July 2002 - December 2004 (2 years)

Stephen was responsible for preparation and briefing of the Royal Air Force CEO, initially Sir Peter Squire and then Sir Jock Stirrup (now Lord Stirrup), for Defence Council, Defence Management Board, Ministerial and Prime Ministerial committees on Defence. He was charged with day to day management and delivery of the Royal Air Forces corporate business plan to deliver an 'Air Force that Strives to be First and Person for Person Remains Second to None'. He was also the link between foreign service attachés and national defence chiefs, defence industry senior executives and the CEO. His tasks also included speech and presentation writing for the CEO on a vast array of subjects. Achievements: - Contributed to delivery and subsequent strategic management of an achievable plan for operations in Iraq within budgetary, political and international constraints. - Reversal of the decline in the condition of the Royal Air Force estate through good husbandry. - Introduction of new working practices within a major MOD department to meet the Head Office Environment within the MOD, including the introduction of an 'E Business' solution involving staff training to European Computer Driving Licence standard across the Department.

Directing Staff

Joint Service Command & Staff College

July 2001 - July 2002 (1 years)

As a director of studies Stephen was responsible for delivery of the MA in Defence Studies programme in consultation with Kings College University London during a one year long full time programme to develop selected multinational, senior managers' leadership, analytical and communications skills in readiness for demanding senior appointments. The total course student population was 300 including 96 overseas students from 48 different countries. Achievements: - Delivery of an intensive leadership, business studies and human resource package in addition to that delivered in the Defence and International Studies programme - Shore manager for an extracurricular ten month adventurous leadership and training programme for 195 personnel in the Caribbean on a Challenge 67 round the world racing yacht

Commanding Officer

Commanding Officer of No 39 (1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit) Squadron

June 1998 - July 2001 (3 years)

As the commanding officer, Stephen flew on, directed and led military operations, logistics and engineering for a unit of 150 specialist personnel. He was responsible to the UK Government for Strategic photographic and electro-optical aerial reconnaissance and intelligence gathering and was accountable for budget of £610K and assets of £90M. He was a key member of the six strong Board with responsibility for 6000 servicemen and dependants, a cash budget of £65M and assets of £514M. Achievements: - Led or participated in 27 named special force operations, including the UK air presence in Kenya and Sierra Leone, as the Commander British Forces. - Introduced £16M major new capability involving state of the art technology and IT processing - Achieved Investor in People (IiP) accreditation

Personal Staff Officer to Deputy Commander in Chief

Strike Command

January 1996 - January 1998 (2 years)

Stephen provided support to Commander in Chief RAF Strike Command as a Member of the Air Force Board. He had an HR responsibility for 350 senior MOD Civil Servants and Royal Air Force officers. Achievements: - Implemented formation of the Franco British European Air Group, a multinational organisation charged with interoperability, rationalisation and alignment of European military forces.

Fighter Pilot, Weapons Instructor and Instrument Rating Examiner

Royal Air Force

January 1980 - January 1993 (13 years)

Stephen flew as a fighter pilot, combat instructor and examiner on F4 Phantom, Tornado F3, Hawk and Jet Provost aircraft. Achievements: - Pilot and flight commander for air operations over Bosnia during Operation DENY FLIGHT. - Tornado F3 Pilot during 1990 Gulf War Operations, Air Combat Instructor Pilot and Instrument Rating Examiner. - F4 Phantom Solo Aerobatics Display Pilot flying at Airshows throughout Europe.


Open Business School

MBA, Business Studies

1997 - 2000

Kings College London

MA, Defence Studies

1996 - 1997