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“Nico’s STRONGEST BEHAVIOURS based on which predicts & analyses behavioural patterns, motivations & needs of job candidates. Proactive, assertive and sense of urgency. Quick in connecting to others. Builds relationships. A motivator who pays attention to other’s points of view. Collaborative: works with and through others. ”


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Governance Roles

Managing Director

Monaco Corporation Ltd

September 1978 - December 2000 (22 years)

I secured the NZ Distribution rights of CASIO and started MONACO from scratch. My 50% business partner, Bill Miles of Miles & Carlaw Duty Free, supplied the funding for the business. From a zero base in 1978 sales revenues grew to NZ$35 million in 1986. In December 2000 I decided to retire from the Company

Executive Roles

Managing Director

Transmark Corporation Ltd

May 1985 - December 2000 (15 years)

Moyes & Groves purchased the 50% of MONACO owned by Bill Miles and after 6 months, the Directors of Moyes & Groves made an offer to purchase the remaining 50% owned by me in exchange for 25% shareholding in Moyes & Groves. I would become Managing Director of the publicly listed Company. The name Moyes & Groves was changed to Transmark Corporation Ltd. In May 1986, Transmark purchased the CASIO Distributor in Australia, Mobex Pty Ltd. Sales revenue for the following year increased to approximately NZ$65 million and 100 staff. In March 1992, Colin Giltrap & partners sold their interests in Transmark to Hong Kong based SHRIRO Group. The number of shares on issue and the liquidity of the shares meant that there was no real market for the shares and in 1997 I led the delisting of Transmark by privatising TRANSMARK. Group Sales revenue was approximately NZ$100 million and 160 staff. In December 2000 I decided to retire from the Company