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David Tier
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David Tier

14 Years
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“I have substantial executive and governance level experience in property investment and management, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and start-up companies. I have a proven track record of governance experience in challenging business and legal environments and a pragmatic and strategic approach to decision making.”


Special Interest Groups

Governance Roles

Advisory Board Member

Homes by Maxim

March 2015 - Present (2 years)

A residential home builder that grew out of the Christchurch Earthquakes. It started as a PMO office and is now focused on providing design and build solutions for its clients in Christchurch and Wanaka.


Mutual Credit Finance

February 2010 - Present (7 years)

MCF is a Christchurch based finance company providing a range of financial products. I was brought into the company as Chief Executive following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) when the company had significant asset impairment issues and was making losses. On my recommendation, the company was downsized and remodelled and the CEO role was disestablished. I was subsequently appointed a director and chairman of the board. In that time, MCF has survived in an extremely challenging environment for financial institutions, it continues to source debenture funding from the public, is fully compliant with all the new Reserve Bank regulations and is now trading profitability.

Advsiory Board Member

Nightside Test Design

January 2009 - March 2015 (6 years)

Nightside is a Christchurch based service company providing test engineering solutions. It is a finalist in two categories of the 2013 Canterbury Champion Business Awards. Following an earlier consultancy role with the company I was invited to be a member of the advisory board. The key focus with this role was implementing appropriate governance structures and reporting and advising the managing director through the significant issues arising from the GFC. The company was sold in 2015.


Christchurch YMCA

January 1999 - January 2010 (11 years)

The Christchurch YMCA is a substantial charitable trust with assets of $25m, turnover of $6m and over 300 staff. I was treasurer and chair of the property subcommittee.

Executive Roles


Ben Gough Family Office

April 2008 - Present (9 years)

The Ben Gough Group is a substantial commercial property owner and private investor in Christchurch. My role has included assisting in the establishment of a Family Office, bringing the accounting functions in-house, implementing new reporting and governance structures, including the establishment of an advisory board, monitoring the performance of external portfolio managers and other investments.


Trueman Tier

June 2005 - Present (12 years)

Provide CFO services to companies on a contract basis and perform a range of special projects and assignments in the corporate services, property and financial advisory areas. I have prepared business plans, prospectuses, projections and information memoranda for a range of clients and also provided property management services.

Contract CFO

Maxim Projects

November 2010 - January 2013 (2 years)

Maxim is a design, build and construction company that was appointed the Project Management Office for an insurance company in respect of its Christchurch Earthquake claims. It experienced rapid growth and grew from 3 to 50 people in a 6 month period. My role was to establish and implement processes and systems in the financial, administration and HR areas, manage the relationship with the insurance company client, establish appropriate governance processes and procedures and provide advice as required to the directors.

Acting CEO

Schola Technologies

July 2010 - September 2010 (2 months)

Schola was a Christchurch based company developing a new student management system for the education sector. I was appointed acting CEO as a result of the former CEO going on extended sick leave. I oversaw the appointment of a new CEO.


Mutual Credit Finance

February 2009 - February 2010 (1 years)

See above

Investment Manager

The National Property Trust

April 2001 - June 2005 (4 years)

The National Property Trust Limited was the manager of the listed property trust, The National Property Trust, which had a nationwide portfolio of commercial and retail properties valued at $250m. My role was to identify and negotiate new acquisitions (in conjunction with the Executive Chairman), undertake due diligence assignments, prepare various submissions for trustee, prepare the annual and interim reports and co-ordinate the preparation of prospectuses. During this period the Trust grew from $110m to $250m as a result of property acquisitions and the acquisition of other property entities.


Southway Properties

June 1991 - March 2001 (9 years)

Southway Properties Limited (formerly GUS Properties) was a substantial unlisted company based in Christchurch. The company was established in 1991 following the sale of the grocery assets of GUS Wholesalers Ltd. Its shareholders were the former members of the grocery co-operative. Southway’s property portfolio consisted of shopping centres, supermarket sites, warehouses, residential developments in Australia and a number of smaller retail outlets spread throughout the South Island. In April 2001, the assets and liabilities of the company were sold to The National Property Trust.